Scandinavian technologies work
for you
  • Stable work when voltage drops
  • Comfortable in apartments and country houses
  • Energy-efficient
  • They work silent
It allows to store products              for the whole family at the same time
Stock up with vegetables, berries, mushrooms at the time of their sale at seasonal prices. Pleasure your family with tasty and useful delights for the whole year!
Freeze meat
and poultry
Enjoy berries, fruits and vegetables
in winter
Stretch pleasure
from fishing and hunting
Keep semi-finished products
always at hand
Super fast drop in temperature to -32 ° C can save a maximum of vitamins and mineral properties of the products
No Frost Defrosting System
Freezers, equipped with No Frost system does not require defrosting, and always maintain a uniform temperature throughout the chamber volume
Energy efficiency class A +
Work economical freezer compartment slightly reflected in electricity bills since its consumption is 25% less
Protection from network outages
Even when the electricity is turned off, the camera is able to maintain the required temperature for a long time.
Antibacterial protection
A special coating ensures that no unpleasant odors, prevents the proliferation of harmful bacteria and mold growth.
Eco-friendly plastic
It does not release harmful substances during temperature changes, do not absorb odors from foods, has long life and does not deform over the years.
How to choose?
  • System
    without freezing NoFrost
  • Separate boxes
    for practical storage
    of various products
  • It takes up
    less space
  • The heights are 85, 144, 155
    or 185 cm.
    Width: 48, 55 or 60 cm.
  • The surface of a freezer chest
    can be used as
    a table
  • Large storage capacity
    +storage of large products
  • Longer maintains
    when power is
    cut off
  • High power
    of freezing
In order to ensure that the purchase was most useful for the whole family, when choosing
a product, it is first of all important to take into account: the volume of the freezing chamber,
             her class, power and system freeze.
Tandem of cold and frost
Side-by-Side by VESTFROST has several advantages compared with standard models.
  And not only in the amount and technical characteristics, but also in operation,
  since this decision freezer and refrigerator are working offline.
Why Side-by-Side by vestfrost is better?
  • freezer - 50%
    freezer - 50%
  • total volume
    500 - 600 liters
  • 2 compressor
    and independent system
  • complements the kitchen set
    + no problems in transportation
  • can be set separately,
    in different places
A perfect match, created to work in unison for your family!
Refrigerators Vestfrost
The range of companies are also present
refrigerators in various configurations and color

Available colors:

Types of cameras location:

deep freeze
cooling chamber
to buy?
Freezing VESTFROST camera can be purchased in any region of Ukraine!
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