About company

Vestfrost specializes in the production of freezing and refrigeration equipment. Headquartered in Denmark, the same place where the idea was born on the base. Scandinavia has always been associated with the snow and cold, so it is not surprising that we have chosen a highly specialized production. We should also mention the inhabitants of the northern regions, who appreciate peace and security. They first tested our products.

In Scandinavia, very appreciated fishing and hunting, so besides freezers, especially popular freezers. And since consumers primarily important safety and ELECTROSAVINGS technology, we transferred the production of quality inherent in the consumer market of equipment for industrial segment.

Northern Europeans always take care of the frozen vegetables and fruits collected in a short warm season. This was a precondition for the continuous improvement of the freezing technique by local manufacturers. Today, the combination of "Scandinavian freezing technique" - a sign of high quality.

Intelligent design to the smallest detail, Vestfrost become a reliable assistant in the kitchen, as its base - is the Scandinavian design tradition, in ideology which is a deep understanding of customer needs, and its purpose is to improve the working space and better quality of life. We use technology that greatly simplify the lives of consumers; only work with environmentally friendly materials and do everything to ensure that you and your family can live a healthy lifestyle all year round, filling your diet with vitamins.

The three pillars on which the work of our company


We use only environmentally friendly material that does not emit harmful substances when the temperature drops. Furthermore, cameras have antibacterial coating that prevents the appearance of mold, bacteria and odors.


We believe in a narrow specialization. Vestfrost does not produce any other products, because all our effort is to be the best on the market of refrigerating and freezing equipment. We are proud that we are called cold experts.


We ceaselessly develop and implement into production the latest innovative technologies to improve the operation of our products. Vestfrost creates technology, which is one step ahead of your needs.



Freezer and fridge - is the technique of choice time and for years to come. Therefore, the main focus of the production we do for quality and durability.


We have thought through functionality in every detail, so you can distribute and store products, so as you wish - forming a portion or the entire freezing.


We, for a healthy planet! And that is not the freezer, will help to keep a maximum of taste and beneficial properties for a long time products? Remember that proper freezing saves up to 99% of vitamins and mineral substance.