What to consider when choosing the freezer?

Freezer has long ceased to be a luxury and excess. Today, this device is freed from the hostesses need to make numerous preservation for the winter. Freezing method is not only convenient and less expensive, but also allows to preserve vitamins in the products harvested. This advantage is perhaps the decisive argument in favor of the freezer. It remains only to determine the optimal kind freezer. We have prepared some guidelines that will help you understand how to select the freezer properly.

Cache or camera: how to choose the freezer?

Chest Freezer - roomy, more energy-efficient and cost-effective storage for food. Among the advantages of such freezers should also be noted the extensive range and the presence of the locking mechanism. However GEL provide only simple food storage and occupy a lot of space.
The camera, unlike a chest, is a vertical freezer. This saves floor space, it is more convenient to download products and maintain this type of equipment. Cameras are more technical parameters for freezing. However, they are more expensive chests are not as energy efficient and less capacious.

Drip system or No Frost: how to choose the freezer?

Fridges, equipped with the system «No Frost», do not require defrosting. However, they have more energy than similar devices from dropping system and promote dehydration products. Keep the workpiece in such freezers should be only in packaged form.
Drip system causes greater energy efficiency refrigeration equipment and supports the natural moisture exchange in its internal space. But without a manual defrosting in this case can not do.

How to choose a freezer with a minimum power consumption?

Designation A ++, A +, A is assigned to the most energy-efficient devices. Class Models B, C, E + are cheaper, but consume significantly more energy.

How to choose a freezer with additional features?

If you are looking to buy a freezer with enhanced functionality, it should be clearly understood what kind of features will be useful to you, and what will be the only reason for the overpayment unjustified. Today freezer equipped with auxiliary functions such as:

Suitable for freezing