How to freeze fruits

Freeze fruit for the winter - a simple and cost-effective alternative to various types of conservation. With freezing can be quickly and at no additional cost to make harvesting of summer crops. With proper preparation and storage of frozen fruits persist up to 8-12 months. Thus the loss of vitamins, which are in their composition will be minimal - 20%. For comparison: in the cooking vitamin fruit set is reduced by half.

What fruits are frozen

What fruits can be frozen? This is perhaps the main question that worries newcomers in the field of frozen food for the winter. Freezing can be subjected to almost all fruit. The only thing you have to be selective in harvesting methods:

How to freeze fruits

There are a few simple rules, observing that you can simply, quickly, and most importantly the right to make billets for the season of colds:

Frozen treats not only extremely useful, but also relatively low in calories. Unlike such jams workpiece contain sugar and if, in a minimum amount (depending on the type of freezing).

Suitable for freezing