How to maintain the taste and beneficial vitamins currant freeze

Currant preparations for the winter by freezing makes it possible to savor tasty berries throughout the year. This is especially important during the period of beriberi, when our body is in need of additional support in vitamins and energy. Frozen currant almost fully preserves the vitamins and minerals included in its composition. That is why the use of this berry is difficult to overestimate.

Black currant in the winter will provide vitamins C, D, E, B group and potassium, as well as organic acids, pectin and volatile production. Red currants in the winter provide a stock of pectin, organic acids, mineral salts and vitamins A, C and P.

How to freeze the red currants

To save currants and do not damage the integrity of the berries in the freezer, simple rules should be followed:

Simple and effective ways to freeze currants

The most popular methods of freezing are:

As you can see, provide for themselves and their loved ones with vitamins in the winter is quite simple, fast and not expensive.

Not even a very experienced hostess to cope with such a task. But, with some fun in the cold season you can feast on berries, mashed and flavored cakes with currants.

With such strong support your immune system will work much more efficiently, and you will avoid many of seasonal and chronic diseases.

Suitable for freezing