How to freeze strawberries in winter

To feed sweetly tasty strawberries all year round, it is necessary beforehand to prepare stocks. There are a few proven ways to do it. We picked 4, the most convenient and reliable option of freezing, which, depending on the variety and your taste preferences pleasantly surprise you is the berry season.

Dry Frozen strawberries

The fastest and healthiest way to stock up on berries for the winter - just freeze them whole, without added sugar. Thawed berries can decorate desserts, make them tea, cocktails, breakfasts.

To use the whole freeze-dried berries of medium size. Previously they have to be washed, cleaned of stalks and dry. Then decomposed into dressing or the plastic wrap and place one layer, it is desirable to include the regime "super-frozen" in the freezer for a couple of hours.

Because of this, a little berry freeze slightly, and you can be sure that they do not stick together. Solid pour frozen berries in the package from which the air is removed. Frozen strawberries are stored up to 9 months, during which time it does not lose its flavor.

Oversleeping berries with sugar

Juicy, large strawberries cut in half better, little can be left whole. Pure berries densely stacked in layers of plastic food container, and then pour sugar. You can not worry about how that ideal fruit must be dried and that they remain a little water. And the fact that they are empty juice - a good thing. Fill them with sugar and wait for it to melt slightly.

Tip: take a few containers smaller, instead of one large, then the berries will be easier to get and use.

Frozen strawberries in syrup

The sugar syrup is mainly frozen sour grapes, or if they are a bit battered. For the preparation of sugar syrup to 1 liter of water used was 300 g of sugar and a tablespoon of lemon juice, or 5 g of citric acid
The berries are placed in a food container or dense plastic bags, pour the cooled syrup and well mixed.

Strawberry puree

Do not forget that no one has repealed the experiments.

You can mash of different kinds of berries. Berry mix together as dry-frozen, and for frozen pops.

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