Summer taste of mulberry winter

When it comes to freezing in winter berries and fruits, come immediately to mind are the most popular participants in procurement activities: cherry, currant, plum and others. Mulberry also in this row is rare, and in vain. Many housewives do not even know what is useful mulberry, and how great its vitamin value.

Mulberries or a mulberry and mulberry in other words, is endowed with many healing properties and are rich in vitamin complex, including organic acids, trace elements, and, in fact, a variety of vitamins (A, B1, B6, B9, E, C, K).

Harvesting of the mulberry: basic rules

Since the mulberries are very gentle, in preparation for freezing should be especially careful. The preparatory stage may pass on the 2nd scenario:

Once the berries are ready for further manipulation to procurement, should decide on the amounts and the method of freezing:

Such slaughter supply of nutrients in the winter would be very helpful.

With such support, the body is easier to overcome the period of beriberi, and stand against many colds.

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