Features peppers freeze

Frozen pepper in the winter - the event in all respects useful. So you will provide family and friends with delicious dishes of vegetables, save the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals contained in it, as well as significantly save. You no longer have to buy out of season imported vegetables at fantastic prices.

Frozen pepper in the winter for stuffing, frying, baking, cooking soups and stews is a practical choice hostesses who want to provide your family a healthy diet, but also save your budget and time.

Bulgarian pepper: freezing for various dishes

pepper Storage format depends entirely on your culinary plans for the supplies. But before we ponder over this question, peppers should carefully select and prepare:

What happens next will depend on the food, which is supposed to participate blanks:

However, the whole way of storing pepper has one caveat - vegetables, frozen whole, take up much space in the freezer. However, in this case we have in store some practical advice:

Use our tips and your loved ones will always be able to taste pepper to taste all the delights that can only give this vegetable. Also read more about the freezing of other products, which will be a great addition to the dining table.

Remember that cooking dinner - pleasant experience for any housewife, if all of the products it has to be always at hand.

Suitable for freezing