Complete guide to frozen foods

Unexpected products for home freezing

Household frost - a great way to preserve food for a long time without compromising their nutritional value. We all freeze meat and fish, offal and minced meat. More experienced hostess with the help of freezing make preparations for the winter. In this case, in the course are a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as herbs.

Today, freezing in the winter is a convenient and economical alternative to all kinds of preservation, so harvesting food supplies freezing method is becoming increasingly popular. This is not known to all the advantages of this method to the end. What could have escaped our attention? Let's investigate.

What can be frozen?

Did you know that the store in the freezer for a long time and you can even have unexpected products: for example, raw eggs or cooked meat?
In fact, a huge number undergoes freezing food products:

Freezer - an indispensable tool when it comes to food safety.

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Suitable for freezing