Terms of frozen cherries

Cherries in winter become excellent support immunity during colds, flu and other respiratory infections. It is rich in vitamins (C, PP, B6 and B1), iron, pectin, magnesium, copper, organic acids and coumarin. With such useful properties cherries is the leader among domestic preparations.

How to freeze the cherries for the winter

Before filling the freezer cherries, should decide for what purpose intended freezable harvest, in what amounts it is required. So it will be easier to choose the method of preparation and frozen cherries, as well as free up space in the freezer for easy storage pieces.
Here are some practical tips on how to properly freeze the cherries:

How to freeze cherries in syrup

Another popular and very simple way to make a blank cherry freeze in syrup.

Wait a couple of hours, and do not place the container in the freezer. Since cherries engorged with sugar and after defrosting will be even tastier.

An alternative to this method advocates freezing of whole berries, peppered liberally with sugar.

Just packagi sugar cherry mixture of packages and compact fold in the freezer waiting for use.

Suitable for freezing