Juicy berries in wintertime

Freezing allows to preserve delicious summer harvest with a complete set of vitamins contained in berries. So the question: "is it possible to freeze the berries," we answer affirmatively, without any hesitation. Just imagine how you will feast on delicious pies with fresh blueberries, fragrant cherry compote or mix of berries in wintertime.

Frozen berries to children seem to be a real winter wonder.

What kind of berries can be frozen

Which of the berries can be frozen, decide only you. There is no ban on freezing any fruit, so trust your taste and culinary preferences for the winter season. If these are only random cherry dumplings, then you need a lot of small containers. Regular compotes for a large family require a wide range of berries in impressive volumes. Determine which part you will use; it is best not to freeze it a second time. Not recommended, because the integrity and utility of the products themselves suffers.

How to freeze berries at home

Freezing the berries dry method, in the form of frayed with sugar or without. Selection procedure depends on the variety and density of the fruit. Especially good when ripe fruit in moderation, but not overripe. And it will be ideal if they fall in the freezer over 2 hours after collection.

Delicate berries (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries) recommend storing in containers in portions of 600-700 grams. So they do not pomnutsya, and after removal from the freezer compartment will look, if only from the garden.

Preparatory stage

Before loading into the freezer, the berries must be well sorted, cleaned from seed nests, washed and dried. If the crop is infected with beetle larvae, it should be poured over with a solution of ordinary table salt for a couple of minutes. After, rinse twice in a colander or strainer, and dry. Next, the berries must be evenly distributed on the shelf for pre-freezing, then spread out in containers and / or bags and put more compactly in the freezer compartment.
In this simple way, you will provide your family with vitamins until next summer.

Suitable for freezing