All you need to know about the frozen meat

When advantageous to have the opportunity to buy meat in bulk or need to prepare it for future use, hostesses often plagued by doubts, "whether it is possible to freeze the meat, do not lose it if the beneficial properties and taste after being in the freezer?"

Freezing is the easiest and safest method of harvesting meat, subject to a few fairly simple rules:

Frozen meat storage

The optimal temperature range for long-term storage of meat varies in the range of -18 ° to -23 ° C. Under these conditions, different types of meat can be stored:

It is extremely important to maintain a constant temperature, since its fluctuations negatively affect the quality of frozen foods.

Sequential defrost

When defrosting is also necessary to adhere to a clear sequence of actions.

Otherwise your efforts to preserve the meat as useful will be in vain.

After about a day of the freezer should bear meat in the refrigerator, and then briefly immersed in a container filled with water at room temperature.

And only after that the product can be subjected to heat treatment.

Suitable for freezing