Harvesting of the winter: mushrooms

Do mushrooms Freeze? Without a doubt! And in your freezer may fall on any long-term storage of edible mushrooms from honey agaric boletus up.

should adhere to the basic rules of freezing To keep the flavor, appearance and characteristic mushroom flavor:

How to freeze fresh mushrooms?

How to freeze boiled mushrooms?

For cryo-storage boiled whole mushroom suit and a few instances of lost trade dress.

For this purpose the workpiece sliced boiled and cooled a few minutes, allowed to drain.

After received the mushroom mass spread over the small package or food containers and moved to a refrigerated compartment in the cold of -18 ° C and below.

How to save the fried mushrooms?

Washed and coarsely shredded mushroom harvesting fried in a frying pan or an oven (20 minutes), cooled, partitioned in batches in food packaging, which then lay in the freezer.

Imagine, with some relish your household will feast on the fragrant mushroom soup or a delicious stew with mushrooms in winter, when a fresh mushrooms can only dream of.

Suitable for freezing