Freezing apricots at home

Apricot - useful and tasty fruit, which is so lacking in the winter, when the window frost and storm, and the body is experiencing an acute shortage of vitamins. Fruits in supermarkets only appearance reminiscent of the fruit grown in the country, and we are often reminded of the summer harvest.

Freeze apricots in the winter, you can not only remember, but also feast on fruit from your plot.

When frozen, fruit fully retain the nutrients included in their composition: carotene, organic acids, trace elements, vitamins (PP, C, B1 and B2).

The stock of apricot in the winter will be a great support for your immune system. Among several options for freezing, you can choose the most suitable for you.

How to save on winter apricots with a stone?

More moderately dense and ripe apricots without traces of mechanical damage and decay. Thoroughly rinse off in cool water, then dry. Evenly distribute the fruit on the bottom of the tray and send it in the freezer to pre-freeze. After a day apricots should be packaged in plastic bags and placed on the compact freezer shelves. This method is good because it does not require lengthy preparation of fruits, while there is also a drawback. In the whole freezer apricots take up a lot of storage space.

How to freeze apricots with sugar or in the form of mashed potatoes?

Fruit can be placed in a more compact, if the pre-deliver them from the bones and cut into large slices. These blanks should be expanded in food containers, pour the sugar and leave in such a way to highlight apricot juice. Then you can safely send them to winter in the freezer.
You can also chop the apricots in a blender and add in a lot of fruit a little sugar, and then immerse it in a chamber with temperature conditions from -18 ° to -23 °. Enjoying this winter delicacy, you will realize that it is much tastier, and most importantly useful to jam.

How to freeze apricots in the winter in syrup?

Prepare apricot slices or halves in syrup is not much more difficult.

The proportions of the syrup: water and sugar ratio of 2 to 1. The washed and sliced fruits are placed in food containers and the pre-fill ostuzhennym syrup. Destination - freezer.

A variety of methods for freezing apricot allows you to choose the option most suitable for each hostess.

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