Dear Customer!

Congratulations on your purchase of a VESTFROST brand device that was designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, and thank you for choosing this device.

The warranty for the product you purchased is the free troubleshooting of the device at authorized VESTFROST service centers (see the list of authorized service centers) during the warranty period:
- for models of refrigeration and freezing equipment - 36 months from the date of sale;
- Other household appliances, except air conditioners - 12 months from the date of sale. Over the next 24 months, the company provides free spare parts for products that have failed due to the manufacturer’s fault and are subject to warranty replacement.

The warranty applies only to devices that are used as intended exclusively for the household purposes of the family in accordance with the instruction manual. The guarantee is provided only upon presentation of a properly issued warranty certificate and a document confirming the fact of purchase (cash voucher, expense or tax invoice).

The warranty card is filled at the time of sale and must contain the following information: model and serial number, date of sale, name and seal of the Trade Organization and, after installing and connecting the device (if the device requires special installation and connection) - installation statements.

Warranty obligations are not fulfilled in the event of:

lack of properly issued warranty card;

  • identifying corrections when filling out the warranty card;
  • Lack of cash voucher, expenditure invoice or tax invoice;
  • Information discrepancy in the cash voucher, expenses or tax invoices in the warranty card;
  • device cannot be identified;
  • violation by the user of the conditions of use, transportation, connection and storage of devices;
  • ingestion of foreign objects, liquids, animals, insects or rodents;
  • discovered the fact of intervention in product design by people who do not have this permission;
  • detection of damage to the device caused by unstable power supply, gas pipeline, water supply and sewer network, the operating rules of which do not meet Ukrainian
  • standards;
  • significant negative environmental effects (lightning, fire, flood), which can not be controlled by the manufacturer, as well as careless use of the device;
  • If the customer’s claim regarding the functional characteristics of the device is unjustified, since the functional characteristics available correspond to those declared by the
  • manufacturer;
  • If the customer requires changes in the design of the device in order to adapt it to local conditions that differ from those used in the country for which this device was developed,
  • manufactured and / or certified;
  • If the customer makes demands on the part of the device that wears out over time, as well as on the parts of the device that are easily broken: glass, plastic, lamps and the like;
  • If the client makes demands on these types of work, which he, in accordance with the instruction manual, can carry out independently, for example: conventional child care
  • devices and the like;
  • detection of chemical, mechanical and thermal damage to the device or its parts.
  • The requirements that a consumer can put forward to the seller or device manufacturer are determined by the current legislation of Ukraine.
  • The rights accorded to the consumer under Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights", the detection of significant deficiencies are carried out only in case of confirmation of these deficiencies authorized service centers VESTFROST.


All devices must be grounded. Ungrounded devices are potentially dangerous.
The manufacturer is not liable for damage to the health and property of the consumer, if it is caused by non-compliance with the norms for establishing and connecting the device. An erroneous call from an authorized service center is paid by the consumer.

In case of non-payment of an erroneous call, the manufacturer has the right, in further appeals from the consumer to an authorized service center, not to fulfill the warranty obligations noted in this warranty card.

An erroneous call is when the consumer considers the device faulty at the time when it comes to measures that the consumer can perform independently and what is noted in the instruction manual, for example: checking the presence of voltage in the network, supplying water to the device, cleaning the water flow, etc.

Transportation costs,
services for connection, installation and launch of the device are paid by the consumer, unless otherwise provided by the terms of the sale of the device by the merchant. To install and connect purchased home appliances, you can use the services of specialists of the nearest authorized service center. You can also use the services of the seller or any other qualified professionals. However, the manufacturer and the trade organization do not bear warranty obligations and liability in the event that the device fails or was damaged as a result of its incorrect installation and connection to the network. Completing the section "Installation Notes" is mandatory and will allow you to identify the culprit in the event of a device failure or other harm.

The service life of large household appliances (refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, water heaters, stoves) is 10 years.
The manufacturer guarantees the possibility of using the device for its intended purpose during the service life provided that, if necessary, post-warranty maintenance or repair is carried out at the expense of the consumer.

count lifetime of the device is terminated in the following cases:

  • Adding to the design of the device changes and improvements, and the use of units, parts, components, not statutory;
  • use the device for other purposes;
  • damage to the product by the consumer;
  • a violation of consumer rights operation of the device.